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The Neo Geo Pocket, origin and color

Now here is a question is, could be a lot better? In fact, yes, exactly. This laptop late 90s, has the potential to be even better. (You should know who the color version of the same thing.) Unlike the 16-bit GBC was in power, and before you go "Oh response to the Great Game Gear SNK." Not really, tilted the Atari Lynx and Sega Game Gear, and even the Sony PSP and even stronger than the Game Boy, but not because of its battery life catastrophic. SNK other hand was very careful with it and although it was stronger than the GBC still a good battery. How much battery life do you have? Oh usually about 20-40 hours of gameplay, it's a lot. PDA also has very interesting features such as Horoscopes, office, etc., but this is just a small bonus. Many mobile consoles died because a low cost Nintendo Gameboy with loads of games had the most potential to do well. Unfortunately, the lack of support from their infamous SNK has struck again. (Although to be honest, had a seemingly know better support for third-party, Capcom, Namco and Sega, but not much.) I mean, hell even had announcements during its first release in conventional television at the time. This console is good, the next pick-up mainstream attention, we could not imagine that it would have been better if they had more support.

ngp color roms games

I scored my first Neo Geo Pocket Color (NGPC) and Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure and SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium Declaration for my birthday in 1999. Machine was a bit surprising - in my opinion, the only competitor in the U.S., I had a chance against the Game Boy in the long term.

SNK winning strategy clearly studied and competing portable Nintendo Game Boy managed to keep any minimum requirements where former Neo Geo Pocket Color and the omission of a backlight, so that an inexpensive retail and long battery life.

The NGPC still wore a thumb stick and innovative clicky which somehow managed to overcome the traditional D-pad in the functionality. However, could not keep SNK franchises Nintendo first party support and bulky NGPC third died on the vine not realizing their potential.

Like the Sega Dreamcast, Neo Geo Pocket Color will live in our memory. Than one of those rare consoles that failed only for commercial reasons, not technical NGPC hardware is cheap and plentiful, so if you have not, I recommend a car and a handful of games.



NeoPOP Neo-Geo Pocket Emulator Roms

NeoPOP PSP emulator for playing NGP Color and black and white games on the Sony PSP and PS Vita.

NeoPOP PSP emulator

Pick a game and Save /Load game save.

The original SNK NeoGeoPocket (NGP)

NeoGeo Pocket Classic Black and White

First foray into motion SNK handheld console, the Neo Geo Pocket is a portable gaming system released in Japan only in 1998. The bag was quickly replaced by Neo Geo Pocket Color, but curious, kept the Neo Geo Pocket compatibility with most games released for the new Pocket Color.

NeoGeo Pocket NeoPOP (color) emulator is one of the best (if not the best!) therefor.
By SNK Neo Geo Pocket is (as the name implies), but despite this, do not do well, in most countries still gems like games.


Koyote a freeware Pocket Neo Geo emulator by David and Romain Tisserand Raingeard is written.

NeoPOP is an open source mobile Neo Geo Pocket (Color) emulator.

Top Stories

11th September 2002

Was a slight decrease in the size of the Win32 Serial eliminating unused. Adaptoid also strong support (thanks star trash for use).

10th September 2002

Just launched today with many improvements - see the README for details.

I added more translation strings load, so please help me to update the language packs!

This is also the final version (superscript small bug fixes for this version) will be. I was on this project for a while now tired, and I enjoy working on it as much as me. I decided some time ago that endured until "Gals Fighters" was fixed.

The goals I set for myself when I NeoPOP are met, and many other features have been an unforeseen way, thanks to the suggestions I have received from fans added.

Compatibility is very high, only a few games no problem. The application is the way I want and the source code is available for the expansion of third-party vendors.

I'll check my e-mails and forum for some time, so I can still be contacted.