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ngp color roms gamesKoyote Koyote is a free emulator for Neo Geo Pocket and written by David Weaver Raingeard Romain. All code is written from new, except for the emulation of Z80 and SN76496 emulation. It is also the first Neo Geo Pocket emulator temporary TCP / IP and Neo Geo Pocket NetPlay support BIOS.Esta's version has no sound.Language packs and skins are avilable on the official website.

Neo Geo Pocket emulator abandoned NeoPocott written in C. Includes support for all databases. With the support of the zoom reset / sleep and VSync, but no Compatibility is also lower than signifigantly NeoPOP or NGPocket Koyote.There is also a Norwegian translation ...... and a translation into Portuguese.

NeoPOP NeoPOP has many functions, provides a precise sound, and is regarded by many as the best Neo Geo Pocket emulator around. It is updated very often. There are many translations of the home page of the emulator.This version includes a debugger that can be useful for developers of homebrew games.This particular source the parts are Win32.Dies is the heart of the source code of all source ports NeoPOP. Both components are under version 2 (or later, at your discretion) of the General Public License distributed is a Brazilian Portuguese translation GNU.Esta Paulo Manrique.

NGPocket NGPocket was the first public presentation of the Neo Geo Pocket emulator. It emulates the Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color. It needs to be executed in 16-bit color. This is shareware and costs 500 yen to enter (about $ 5) (the site is gone, but so that the matter be impossible). Controls and the sound is muted until you sign up. Is this emulator is greater than MAME and NeoPocott, Koyote NeoPOP and are easily able to exceed the performance of this emulator. Skip it and go to NeoPOP.

NGPocket This was the first emulator freeware Neo Geo Pocket Color. It has no sound, has a low tolerance and no support for mono ROMs Neo Geo Pocket. NGPocket Decent, but classified according to other Neo Geo Pocket emulator. Not really worth downloading.

Emulator for playing Neo-Geo games on PC



NeoPOP PSP emulator for playing NGP Color and black and white games on the Sony PSP and PS Vita.

NeoPOP PSP emulator

Pick a game and Save /Load game save.

The original SNK NeoGeoPocket (NGP)

NeoGeo Pocket Classic Black and White


NeoPOP is an open source mobile Neo Geo Pocket (Color) emulator.

Top Stories

11th September 2002

Was a slight decrease in the size of the Win32 Serial eliminating unused. Adaptoid also strong support (thanks star trash for use).

10th September 2002

Just launched today with many improvements - see the README for details.

I added more translation strings load, so please help me to update the language packs!

This is also the final version (superscript small bug fixes for this version) will be. I was on this project for a while now tired, and I enjoy working on it as much as me. I decided some time ago that endured until "Gals Fighters" was fixed.

The goals I set for myself when I NeoPOP are met, and many other features have been an unforeseen way, thanks to the suggestions I have received from fans added.

Compatibility is very high, only a few games no problem. The application is the way I want and the source code is available for the expansion of third-party vendors.

I'll check my e-mails and forum for some time, so I can still be contacted.